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Douglas Dare
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Douglas Dare - Oh Father

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[Verse 1]
Oh father
I wanted to be there
I want you to cheer us
I wanted to be fair
I want you to love him
As much as I do
For he is my lover
And a son to you

[Verse 2]
Oh father
You were there at my birth
You heard my first lines
And taught me my worst
Oh father
Nothing has changed
I'm still the child
We're one and the same
We're one and the same
We're one and the same
[Verse 3]
Oh father
You always said
You'd always love me
No matter which way I head
"Colour your hair blue
Cut your nose through
'Cause I will always love you
'Cause I will always love you"

Oh father
It's not too late
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